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Be One Step Ahead when you and your loved one's preservation depends on it. Whether common disasters are small or large, man-made or natural, a simple power outage to a massive earthquake...the team at Survival Logistics have made it easy to instantly sustain yourself for those times of crisis when society cannot. At a moment's notice, your Survival Logistic "Go Bags" allow you and your loved ones to get out of harm's way...and be on the road to safety and security.

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No one ever thinks of all the supplies needed in the case of a natural disaster until the weather alerts are already out. Have you ever tried going out to buy a case of water after those warnings are out? The shelves are cleaned out. You are left to go store to store scrounging for what is left to make sure you’ll have food, water, light and plenty of other supplies as well.

In the last three years there have been over 65 natural disasters in the U.S. alone, causing billions of dollars in damage, destroying roads, homes, towns, and taking lives. Depending on what region of the country you live in you could face different weather related situations than others, but all of them are beyond our control. Simple preparation can make a huge difference if you EVER found yourself in one of these situations.

PREPPER LOGISTICS PRODUCTS (many of which are designed for specific situations) are packed with many of the essential items needed to make it through any situation where food and water are limited. They allow for the convenience of all these items being packed in one kit, so there is no mad scramble hours before a storm hits. Be prepared and be ready for anything.





Survival Logistics is your one stop shop for survival tools and equipment, outdoor survival supplies and disaster preparedness supplies. We specialize in the safety and security of you and your family. We are in the business of providing the highest quality survival tools and equipment in case of disaster, at the best prices online. Purchasing survival supplies wholesale has never been easier. Survival Logistics is the ultimate prepper in the event of natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes and other man-made disasters such as long-term power outages or bio-hazardous spills. We’re the best choice to help you stay ahead of the game and get prepared before disaster strikes.

Unfortunately it times of chaos and mass disorder, most governments are unable to mobilize quickly enough to help its citizens. Busy with economic matters and politics, governments can put disaster planning on the back burner. The sad result can be preventable fatality and chaos and pandemonium in the event of floods, hurricanes and other disasters. Survival Logistics urges citizens to do their own preparation for less than ideal circumstances. This site is stocked with the latest disaster preparedness supplies to ensure comfort and protection in dire times. We have everything you need for every situation that can come about including:

  • Alternate energy sources such as wind turbines and portable solar energy in case of mass power outages.
  • Apparel that is functional and high quality for braving the elements
  • First aid kits with high quality ointments, antiseptics, gloves and bandages
  • Food that is nutrient dense and convenient, not requiring preparation

Besides providing people with the means to be survivalists or simply well-equipped for disasters, Survival Logistics provides tools for the adventurous and outdoorsy that doubles as outdoor survival supplies. Purchasing here, you can brave the wilderness knowing you have the highest quality equipment at your disposal:

  • Atlases and compasses for direction and orientation
  • Emergency radios for quick, concise and clear communication
  • Knives for every purpose

Regardless of what your survival and preparation needs are, Survival Logistics has your back. This site offers a large variety of survival tools and necessities and of course the extras for the enthusiasts out there. Preppers, outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen will appreciate the high quality of our products, as will the average woman or man as well. In addition, all can appreciate the ability to purchase survival supplies wholesale.

It's always advisable by us to be one step ahead. It is never too early to build up quantities of survival tools and equipment. Unfortunately disasters are unpredictable and their magnitude and potential impacts are unknown to us. Preparation will give you a sense of satisfaction and security, as well as the knowledge that if disaster hits you and your loved ones will be ready to face what nature has to throw. Survival Logistics encourages citizens to do their research and make plans for disaster scenarios. For example, individuals should be aware of the FEMA guidelines. It never hurts to be prepared – it can be fatal not to be.